Bob’s 1955 Buick Special – 2 Door Hardtop

1955 Buick Special 2 Door Hard Top

1955 Buick Special 2 Door Hard Top


Year: 1955
Make: Buick
Model: Special
Body Type: 2 Door Hardtop
Engine: 1964 425 ‘Nailhead’ V8
Transmission: 1966 ‘Switch Pitch’ ST400
Rear End: 1977 Lincoln Versaile 9″
Front End: Mustang II – 2″ Drop Spindles
Location: Anaheim Hills, CA. USA
Bob writes…
” This is my modified ’55 Buick Special 2 dr hardtop. I’ve owned it since 1995 and I’m still fiddling with it. It was in a ‘mid 3′ condition at the time and a very good driver except for the brakes. The brakes worked fine but were not power and the car is heavy… difficult to stop.

Within two weeks of purchase I had lowered it a couple of inches, added custom wheels, new tires and dual exhaust with glass packs. It was now a cool cruiser. One problem though, I hated the brakes. I decided I had to have power disk brakes on it. I began a search for anybody that could help me in determining what I had to do to make this conversion. Well, since this car had king pins instead of ball joints in the front suspension nobody new what to do. Spindles that disk brakes could be adapted to didn’t exist at that time (’95/’96).

After driving it for two years and hating those brakes, I finally decided to do something. This quest for better brakes turned into something else. In order to get the brakes I wanted, I put a Mustang II front suspension on it. Since it was torn down I dropped in a ’64 Buick Riviera 425 dual quad engine with a ’66 buick Electra ST400 tranny with switch pitch converter. That meant I couldn’t use the original torque tube rear end. I ended up with a ’77 Lincoln rear end with disk brakes and triangulated four bar suspension. My car ended up with four wheel power disk brakes!

Well, anyway, one thing led to another and years later I’m still playing with it. Just because I wanted better brakes. Jeeeeezz!

Here’s a list of Modifications:

1964 425 dual quad Nailhead engine bored .030 over,blue printed and balanced. KenneBell C118 hydraulic cam. Two Edelbrock 600 cfm AFB carb’s with a progressive linkage. Hand made block hugger headers. Blue printed and re-curved distributor. Pertronix ignitor module. MSD 6A ignition.

ST400 automatic trans’ with switch pitch converter and shift kit. 1977 Lincoln Versaile rear end (9″ford) with disk brakes and 3.25 gears. Triangulated 4 bar rear suspension. Power brakes. 2.5 inch dual exhaust with two chamber mufflers.

Mustang two front suspension with 2″ drop spindles. Air bag springs front and rear. 215×70 15″ white wall tyres front, 255×60 15” white wall tires rear. Custom offset steel wheels. Vintage Air air conditioning system 1976 Chevy van tilt steering column. All new glass except for the rear window.

Body is nosed, decked and shaved. Remote door latches. Smoothed bumpers (attach bolt heads removed) 3 stage yellow and white paint. Charcoal gray vinyl tuck’n roll upholstery. Alpine AM/FM radio with cassette and CD controls and a Six CD changer.

Bob T.

Bob, you didn’t miss a trick. Yellow and chrome, lowered, Dual quad 425 Nailhead, Switch Pitch 400 trans… The perfect recipe for a classic Buick. Thanks for submitting your ’55 Special Bob. It certainly made my day when I received the photos. – Bill

Bob has generated a lot of interest with this 55 and I am receiving many requests for information about it (and rightly so) He has given permission for me to share an email address where he can be contacted and if he can help I’m sure he will. Bob can be contacted at bob55buick at aol dot com or by clicking here. ‘Good onya’ Bob. What a guy.

  1. Eric W Said,

    Great car! My dad had a yellow/white ’55 Special that he bought in 1958 in Albuquerque, NM. He owned it up to ’72, when he lived in Seattle and I was 4. I remember it had a red interior and a 3spd manual transmission. Sadly, I don’t remember much of it, but my dad still says it was the best car he ever owned.

  2. Erin Said,

    Wow, it’s amazing to see what these cars can look like finished! My boyfriend and I are restoring one now. Is there a forum on this site where we can get info (such as where to find interior kits), and ideas?

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