Williams’s 1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport

1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport

1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport


Year: 1965
Make: Buick
Model: Skylark Gran Sport
Body Style: Thin pillar Coupe
Engine: 401 Cubic Inch ‘Nailhead’ V8
Rated Horsepower: 325 Horsepower
Rated Torque: 445 lb/ft
William writes…
“It’s a 65 Skylak Gran Sport with the 401 rated at 325 HP/445 lb/ft and the Super Turbine 300 transmission with the switch pitch torque converter.

The body is the 2 door coupe, which they called the “thin pillar coupe”. It has look of a hard top with the stainless mouldings around the windows. What is unusual is this has a Buick Special interior, even though it is a Skylark. I’m not sure if all Skylark 2 Door Coupes had a Special interior or just the Gran Sport versions.

The exhaust has a dual output on each side, similar to GTO exhaust tips. The car has power steering and had a 1965 vintage after market probably dealer installed Air Conditioner. The air conditioner was shot, but I saved the interior evaporator for the vintage look.(in case I ever modernize the system from R12.) Air conditioning is not really a must here in New Hampshire, especially tooling along with the floor vents and window vent cranked open. Besides I believe simple is better – no digital dashboards, no antilock brakes etc…

I’ve owned this car for about 7 years and I’m the third owner. The front end, brakes and wheel cylinders were rebuilt by me when I first acquired the car. The motor is untouched with 108,000 miles on it, and hardly touches oil. The only non-stock items are Goodyear radials and electronic ignition.

The car was a July 65 build and would have just had time to reach the local dealer as I was simultaneously getting my drivers license in August, (well, that’s my fantasy anyway) I have yet to see an other one on the road or car meet, other than the national shows. There were not many made and not that many survived in the snow belt where I live (the roads are salted and sanded during the winter). This one stays in the garage from November till April (jacked up off the springs) but come the first warm day, it is a pleasure to take her out for the first spin around the block.”


Thanks for the information and history on your Buick William. It’s always interesting to read the fine details and little stories that always seem to go hand in hand with owning a Buick. With such a nice ride I’m not suprised that you can’t wait to take her for a spin around the block. – Bill

  1. Janis Legerski Said,

    Great car, I have a 1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport. I am the second owner, Bought it from a middle age couple back in 1969. It has always been in a garage only get it out in the summer. And have to watch the parking lots, people have no respect for antique cars. Right now I am trying to get a new exhaust system as the original is shot. I had one guy tell me they didn’t put dual exhaust on that card. Duh! If you would like to see a picture please contact me. Your car is beautiful. Janis

  2. admine Said,

    Janis- send me an email with photos and story of your Buick and I’ll add it to the website.

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