Ted’s ’65 Buick Wildcat

1965 Buick Wildcat

1965 Buick Wildcat


Year: 1965
Make: Buick
Model: Wildcat
Body Type: Coupe
Engine: 425 Nailhead V8
Transmission: Super Turbine 400
Location: USA
Ted writes…
I’ve had Buicks since my first car in 1975. At the age of 15 I was so car crazy I had to have one to work on, so I bought a 68 Skylark Convertible (with Dad’s help!). It was a great car, next was a 68 LeSabre, then a 65 Riviera. I rebuilt the Riv’s engine and saw in the Chassis Manual the 4-speed transmission. Well that got me thinking, what Buick had a 4-speed? The 46000…Whats that? I soon found out! That was 1993. I looked for 7 years for a 4-speed Wildcat, no luck…

I once saw one in ’95 but I was between jobs, another was sold, then nothing til ’99. I decided to get a Wildcat automatic Convertible. I found a great one, with the A-8 option, and all kinds of other options from cruise control and even a tissue dispenser. Then I bought a 65 coupe, had a 66 425, red with black interior, console and buckets. As the car was in transit, I saw an ad for a 65 Wildcat 4-speed coupe in the Bugle “leads” section. Well, I wasn’t going to wait another 7 years so I bought that one too! Found some parts cars, then bought my 4-speed convertible from Cars in NJ. What a wreck, had to buy another rust free convertible to fix it. Ok, that was the last one…No, I bought another parts car after that. What I will end up with is 4 cars, all Wildcats.

A Wildcat Deluxe Convertible, red with red bucket seats, an “LT” 401, 4 speed Warner T-10 with a 3.42 posi. rear. A custom convertible, sea foam with a black bench seat, “LX” 425 2x4bbl, automatic with a 3.08 open rear. Then there’s this red and black Custom Coupe with black buckets a centre console, tach, “MW” 425 Quadrajet, automatic and a 3.42 posi rear. Last but by no means least is a burgundy Custom Coupe with black buckets, with an “LX” 425 2-4bbl, a 4-speed Warner T-10, and a 3.42 posi.

I’m probably going to sell the car pictured when I get the other auto coupe going. It is a Custom, Black buckets, “LT” 401 ST400 automatic, 3.08 open rear. I will be a while fixing the other car, so it will get a 3.08 Posi soon. I bought it as is, except for the tail chrome and the grill chrome. Also a little brake work-the rubber was clogged to the back binders and the booster seal was cracked. Also had to fix the switch pitch microswitch – seems like I have to do that on all my cars, I am getting good at it! I also have a white convertible project for sale, the frame is bad and needs to be replaced. I have a frame for it in good condition.

See you in Flint!

Ted Nagel

Wow! You’re really into 65 Buicks aren’t you Ted? This red on black Wildcat Coupe is a perfect example of what I think is a contender for the the most attractive coupes ever made by Buick. Thanks for sending it in.

Bill S.

  1. Jerry Said,

    Have you seen a red 1965 Wildcat Coupe with a four-on-the floor shifter? I bought one in 1965 in Boise Idaho. My Dad sold it when I was sent to Viet Nam. Let me know if you’ve seen one around. Regards, Jerry

  2. Gerald Said,

    Was wondering if you’ve sold the 65 Wildcat shown in the pictures, I would like to know the price on it if you haven’t. It is an amazing piece to look at, and these are just pictures.

  3. admin Said,

    I’ve always loved this car and that side view is magnificent.

  4. Gerald Said,

    My email is superlw@live.com

  5. greg tait Said,

    Hi Ted,

    Wandering if your red 65 Wildcat is for sale. My dad imported one into Australia in 65 & have been looking for one. Hope to hear from you.

    Greg Tait

  6. Jessis Berghuis Said,

    Wow! cool cars. I am a car nut. I love General Motors cars. The 1965 Buick wildcat especially brings back good memories from when I was a kid. My older sister had one in 1980, It was a dark blue 4-door with a oxidized factory paint job that made the car look purple. I remember writing stuff on the chalky paint surface like faces, people, my name etc. Your finger would come away stained blue and i would get hollered at for my “artwork” on the car. My sis and I would cruise around allot In the Buick. We would go to the park and she would floor it in the empty parking lot for me because I would laugh so much when the car would “peel out” as I called it and the tires would squeal then go up in smoke. I was so much fun for a 12 year old. My dad would fix the car for her and it had the 425 Nail head which dad kept in good running order.

  7. Michael Said,

    I had a 65′ wildcat with the 401, 4 barrel, auto. trans. Man I loved that car, wish I still had it.
    Won alot of back street races against the wanabes in high school.
    Still love my Buicks, got a 96′ Roadmaster right now in great shape, low miles, LT-1 350.
    Not quite as fast as the Wildcat, but people are suprised that a big car is that fast!

  8. STEVE LUCAS Said,


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