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This road test was performed by Eric Dalquist/Pat Brollier and appeared in Hot Rod Magazine in 1965.

“Buick Engineering wraps their potent 401 powerplant and super quick Turbine trans with a reinforced Skylark shell: The Buick GranSport evolves as one of the hottest of factory-produced street/strip hybrids.”

“…Up front there resides a much refined version of the Buick V8 first offered back in 1953. The bore and stroke of this particular model is 4.1875 inches x 3.640 inches or, in modern terms, a generous over-square design. From outward appearance the blocks look identical to Buick’s 425 cubic inch unit, but isn’t, since the latter is different to the extent that it incorporates webs and cooling passages. This situation effectively nixes any possibility of boring the Skylark block and slipping in bigger buckets. As it is the 401 aluminum pistons have a healthy enough compression at 10.25-to-1 to make their presence felt…”

“…And that’s the way the afternoon went, with the Buicks gobbling up everything in site, copping B, C, D, E, F and K classes for a spectacular string of successes in a mixed field of sticks and automatics… The message from these triumphs and others like them at Southern California tracks is stamped large on the competition scene, for anyone who surveys the situation has to concede that Buick will be the car to beat…wherever they run…”

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