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14 Sep, 2010

1938 Buick Shafer 8

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1938 Buick Shafer 8

1938 Buick Shafer 8

Owner/Driver: David Coker of Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

Navigator: Daughter, Kelly Coker of Chattanooga USA

Engine: Buick Straight 8

Displacement: 344 cubic inches

Horsepower: 200

Transmission: 3 speed manual

Top speed: 130mph

Original cost: ?

Text & Photos by Rich Suddick

1938 Buick Shafer 8

1938 Buick Shafer 8

12 Sep, 2010

1938 Buick Model 47

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Doug’s 1938 Buick Model 47

1938 Buick Model 47



Year: 1938
Make: Buick
Model: ‘Model 47′
Body Type: 4 Door, Sport Sedan – Slant Back
Engine: 248 c.i. Inline 8 (107 HP)
Transmission: 3 speed manual
Total Length: 197 inches
Location: Palos Heights, Illinois USA
Doug writes…

“I purchased this auto online from Richard and Dee in Fresno, Cal. I was
reluctant to make a purchase that way but was lucky enough to be dealing with
an outstanding couple who were very cooperative.
It was all a “learn as you go” experience as far as the actual purchase and
setting up the transport once everything was finalized. I have always wanted
a car with the ‘suicide’ doors. The way the hood opens up and latches into
what can best be described as a gull wing pattern is also interesting. I am
just now getting into the post-purchase stage of getting to know this fine automobile.”

Now this is travelling in style. How do you spell class? 3-8-B-U-I-C-K. I’ve always loved the shape of 1938 cars and Buick seems to have extracted all that was good about design that year. I can imagine how you felt on delivery day and how Richard and Dee felt having to let such a fine automibile go to another home. Thanks for sharing this fine Buick with us Doug. – Bill

P.S. Richard and Dee are the couple in Fresno California who owned this Buick before Doug. They emailed me to say…

“We are the couple in Fresno, Ca. that Doug bought his ’38 Buick from. Not only did this fine automobile (that we enjoyed for many years) go to a good home but we made some great new friends as well.
Great web site!
Richard and Dee.”