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14 Sep, 2010

1950 Buick Special 2 Door

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1960 Buick Special 2 Door

1960 Buick Special 2 Door

Owner/Navigator: Paul Thorpe of Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Driver:John Lassen of Scottsdale, Arizona USA

Engine: Buick Straight 8

Displacement: 248 cubic inches

Horsepower: 110

Transmision: Automatic (Buick’s unique Dynaflow Turbine)

Top speed: 90 mph

Original cost: $1990

Text & Photos by Rich Suddick

12 Sep, 2010

1950 Buick Roadmaster Riviera

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Steve and Beverly’s 1950 Buick Roadmaster Riviera

1950 Buick Roadmaster Riviera

1950 Buick Roadmaster Riviera


Year: 1950
Make: Buick
Model: Roadmaster Riviera
Body Type: 76R – 2 Door Deluxe
Engine: 320 cubic inch 1950 Straight 8
Horsepower: 152 Horsepower
Compression Ratio: 7.2:1
Wheelbase: 126 1/4 inches
Overall length: 208 3/4 inches
Suspension: Coil springs front and rear
Location: Dunedin, Florida USA
Steve writes…
I was looking on the Internet a few years ago for a 1957 or 1958 Cadillac to purchase for my daily driver. Somehow I clicked on the Buick section by mistake and there was a Roadmaster 76R, so I clicked on it and there was a picture of the most beautiful grille I’ve ever seen. My wife and kids, Matt and Samantha, looked at this beauty and we all fell in love.

I was told the car came from California in 1980 and was restored by Albert Yaccarino of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He sold it to Bruce Leffler of West Allis, Wisconsin in September 1994. He told me it once won 1st place at the BCA Midwest Regional. He deserves a lot of credit for keeping this Roadmaster in such good condition. Anyway, I sent a company to do an appraisal in March of 2000, and it came back very favorable to the asking price. The deal was struck and I arranged covered transportation. It arrived on April 10, 2000.

The car was assembled at the Flint plant in Michigan. There were 8,432 76R’s produced in 1950. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price was $2,764. It has a 320 cu. in. “Straight 8″ engine that has 152 hp. and a 7.2 to 1 compression ratio. It has the famous “Dynoflow” transmission. The car has the following options: Sonomatic radio, spotlight with integral rear view mirror, electric clock, sun visor and exhaust pipe trim. The exterior is the correct metallic maroon, and 2-tone leather and cloth interior. Wheelbase is 126 ¼” with an overall length of 208 ¾”. This Buick is equipped with coil springs on all four wheels, which was not the industry standard at the time. And of course it has the popular “Gunsight” hood ornament.

Since purchasing the car I have had replaced the following: stainless windshield belt molding, hood cowl lacing, hood insulation, voltage regulator, in-line fuel filter, fuel line and antenna. The trunk light switch (mercury relay) has been repaired and the hood latches (left and right side) were repainted. I’ve made sure all repairs were done to original specs. I strive to keep this Buick as she was made, a beautiful 1950 cruiser. Oh yeah, did I mention the grille!!

Steve and Beverly