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12 Sep, 2010

1959 Buick Electra

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Rainer’s 1959 Buick Electra

1959 Buick Electra

1959 Buick Electra



Year: 1959
Make: Buick
Model: Electra
Body Type: B59 4 Door “Flat Top”
Engine: 401 Nailhead V8
Location: Germany
Rainer writes…
It all began in Autumn of 2000 when I saw the 59 Electra, brought by a fellow club member to a Fall-Meeting of our BUICK CLUB OF GERMANY. Back then I was the first President of our BCG since its foundation in 1996. I was there with our 1991 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon, because I recently had sold my 1958 Buick Special and was looking then for a “new” old Buick.We talked about this ’59 Buick and I learned that he had recently bought it from Sweden, and that it might be for sale, because the owner was looking for a 59 Buick Convertible and needed the money. The B59 had already a German historic license and federal technical inspection and was in good shape, but his suggested price was too high so we couldn’t agree.

A few phone calls later the price dropped slowly and suddenly I got a phone call from him and he offered me the B59 for a price I could not refuse… his wife was forcing him to divorce and he now needed the money. One man´s bad luck often is other man´s good luck! I agreed and since then I’ve had a lot of good times with this 59 Buick. I’ve enjoyed many weekend cruises and meetings, and trips from Northwestern Germany where we are living, to Buick-Meetings in Southern Germany and Switzerland.

During the last two years I’ve only had to replace the worn out front aluminum brake drums & wheel bearings – otherwise the B59 was a very dependable car. I replaced two mouldings at the right rear fin, the license plate light lens, the right front turnlight lens, the spare tire and did some detailing where it was needed. I also added the original AC Fuel Filter Glass Bowl to the engine bay and an AIRGUIDE Compass to the dash. Otherwise (due to an exterior restoration back in 1988-89 done by the son of the second US owner) my 59 Electra was, and still is, in very presentable condition.

the first owner of this Buick. Finally, I got this valuable information from him, together with the original Minnesota Buick Dealer Sales Folder, the B59 Owners Guide and a bunch of restoration photos. Originally the B59 was Copper Glow , but during the restoration it was painted in Lido Lavender, also a 1959 Buick color, matching the still original grey interior.

I got in contact with him and found him very friendly. He put in a lot of effort to help me find

kms on the clock. There is no problem in sight with this dependable motor. Only the Dynaflow´s Drive Gear is a little weak when taking off from at the traffic lights. The Low Gear has all the power left and I used to shift up manually to prevent early transmission wear. Maybe its only a pressure problem due to a closed filter or valve, or the brake bands might just in need to be tightened a little bit. It doesn´t take away the fun and pride I have as the owner of such a headturning peace of automobile history.

The 1959 Electra has the first 401 cui V8 engine with 325 bhp and this one has about 130,000 B59 owners are welcome day & night to get in contact with me ! Please send your email and B59-pictures to:

Best Regards from Germany


I have a soft spot for the larger Buicks too and this is one of the largest of them all. Styling in 1959 was (for all makes and models) unarguably outrageous. What were the designers thinking? I don’t know but I’m glad for it. Thanks for allowing us all to see your fantastic 59 Rainer.