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1 Sep, 2010

1970 Buick GSX

1970 Buick GSX
1970 Buick GSX
 I had been searching for several years for the right 70 GSX after having owned some of GM’s finest cars including a 70 LS6 chevelle, 70 olds 442 W-30 and several others. The one elusive car was the 70 GSX, I wanted a saturn yellow car, matching numbers and the Stage-1 option of course, with no frills, meaning no A/C or power windows …etc.

After many phone calls over the years and many disappointments and dead ends I finally found what sounded like the right car. It was owned by a well known Buick collector, Bob Lindquist, who had some of his cars featured in Musclecar Review including the factory stock drags against a few Hemi powered cars. The car was bought from its original owner in Texas by Bob and then a year later by me. It seemed to good to be true, the car had its original drivetrain, Stage-1 option, saturn yellow, no A/C or other power options, a full build-sheet and body production order and most of all a very clean rust free body and undercarriage.

 After flying out to Montreal canada where the car was being stored, I looked the car over very well and was impressed so a deal was struck. The original motor and tranny was fully gone over by Keith Diabo a longtime GSX owner and afficianado who has a restoration shop (GS Autobody) in Kahnawake, Canada. I also had the hood and side stripes repainted with the correct flat black and some minor panel touch ups and added a lot of detailing in the engine compartment, rechromed the bumpers as well as a few minor upgrades. These including a 2.5 inch flowmaster exhaust, an electronic ignition conversion, and 8 inch rallys out back with 275-60 BF Goodrich tires, other than that its stock.

Now I have my perfect dreamcar and since the Buick bug took hold, I also purchased an 87 Grand National with 40k original miles! I think I can be content with only these 2 beasts…for now.




Year: 1970
Make: Buick
Model: GSX
Body Type: Coupe
Engine: Stage 1 455 ci Buick V8
Paint: Saturn Yellow
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