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10 Sep, 2010

Handy Buick Links

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Forums (ask ALL your Buick questions here)
      (My Favourite Buick website!)
      Yahoo! Groups – NailHeadBuick – Forum 
      Old – Forum 
      Buick Club of America – Forum 

Buick Clubs and Registeries

      Buick Centurion Registry 
      Buick Performance Group
         (I am member #1124)
      Buick GN Registry 
      Buick GS Stage1 Registry 
      Buick GSX Registry 
      Grand National Registry 
      Buick Club of Australia – NSW 
      Buick Club of Australia – Vic 
      Buick Club of America 
      Buick Club of Germany 
      Buick GN Racing Association 
      Northeast GS / GN Club 

Buick Vendors and Parts

      Gessler Head Porting 
      Stage1 Automotive 
      HEI ‘Small Body’ Distributors 
      Buick Parts Directory 
      Performance Automotive Engines 
      New 600 ci Buick Cast Iron Block! 
      TA Performance – Hi Performance Buick parts 
      Tri-Shield Performance 
      Buick Farm 
      Old Buick Parts (C.A.R.S. inc) – lots of parts here 
      Hi Performance Buick Camshafts 
      Window Motors for Buicks 
      Buick Bumpers 
      Skip’s Buick Parts 
      Upholstery Fabric for every US car! 
      Buick ’65-’74 Carburettor kits – 2500+ old cars! 
      Nailhead to Chev Trans Adapters 
      GM Obsolete and Vintage Parts 

Switch Pitch TH400

      How to identify an SP TH400 
      How does an SP TH400 work? 
      Custom Hi-Perf SP TH400 Converters! 

Buick Technical information

      Buick Engine Identification 
      1966 Buick technical info 
      Alternator, Generator theory 
      Mike’s Handy Little Tech Tips 
      Automotive calculators 
      Buick Body Style Chart 
      Buick styles and wheel base 
      Buick Head and Block casting numbers 
      Nailhead technical information 

Carb Info

      Quadrajet Tech – Must read 
      How to speak Rochester 
      Carburettor Tuning – The scientific way 
      How to identify a Carter 
      Holley Rebuild – pictorial 
      Holley 4-Barrel tuning tips. 

Other Cool Buick Websites

      LoungeSpot (’55 Buick) 
      Buick T-Shirts (71 designs!) 
      GM Old Photo Store! (Buick Page) 
      Large Buick Links Page  <– A+ 

Other Non-Buick Websites

      How to set your speedo
      after a gear change
      Don’s Auto Pages – Lot’s of info here 
      How to identify a Ford 9 inch rear end 

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