One of the most enjoyable aspects of being the editor of is the Buick related email I receive daily. Emails from people who are just as – if not more – enthusiastic about Buicks than I am. Usually they’re packed with photos of someone’s pride and joy lining up for parking spot on BuickStreet but occasionally it’s just someone who wants to share their Buick experiences with someone they know is interested. Well, they certainly found the right audience here at BuickStreet.

Below are stories by Phil who worked for Buick for over 30 years. Phil has many stories and has given me permission to share them with you. Take it away Phil…



My main interest in cars is with General Motors starting in 1955 and ending with 1970. Those years were the most fun for me and the cars were made of metal rather than plastic. Because of my job (I worked for a Buick dealer for 30 years, 1968-1998. I was the Service Parts Director) I kept knowledgeable thru 2001 until I retired. Right now I only have the three 1987 Buick turbos but have had a lot of older GM cars in the past. I love “restoring” old cars and have done quite a few. I sold them off for a variety of reasons (lack of storage space etc…)and have regrets on doing so. Over the years I have collected a lot of Buick information and pictures.

Phil's 3 Buicks

Phil's 3 Buicks

These stories are written entirely from memory and I am sure that I forgot some things. The ones I do mention are stories that stick out for me. I have pictures of concept cars, experimental cars with tid bits of trivia to go with them. Three of my favorites are the RWD GN powered Reatta, GN powered Electra Estate wagon and the 1954 Wildcat II. Did you know three Wildcat IIs were built? One is in Slone, one crushed, and ONE IS MISSING!! I currently own three Buicks. All 1987, GN, T-Type Limited and a GNX 528.”


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The Dow Guard Story

Technical Information For Older Buicks

Buick Engines Over The Years

Buick Firsts I Remember

The Grand National and GNX story

The Walnut Shell Game

1954 Wildcat II Concept Car

A Carburettor Story

The V-6 Story 1961 to 2002

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