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13 Sep, 2010

B.O.P. Nationals Bristol TN USA – 2002

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B.O.P. Nationals Bristol TN USA – 2002

Bristol DragwayThe Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac Nationals where held at the Bristol Dragway in Tennessee USA at what was polled by the NHRA as “The track with the most picturesque setting”.

More Buicks than I had ever seen where there to battle it out at this beautiful track. Some of the most potent Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles in the land where also there trying to blast there way into the winners circle. Most of these cars where pulling enourmous wheelstands on the perfectly prepared track…and I was there to witness it all unfold.

I attended every day and was welcomed as part of the Cottons Performance crew where Jack Cotton and the gang showed me how friendly Buick racers can be and due to the generosity of Bob C. from Massachusetts (who actually let me borrow his beautiful black Fuel Injected, Nitrous equipped 455 cu. in. big block powered 1969 Buick Special) even managed to participate in the action. I drove his car to over 100 mph on the perfectly prepared track and enjoyed it more than I could ever hope to put into words here. Thanks Bob – what a guy.

Bristol Dragway TrackI have prepared this photo gallery as a tribute to all the excellent people I met on the lead up to, during and after this event. There are too many of you to remember by name but I remember the good times we had and I remember your faces. You know who you are. Thank you for your genuine hospitality and for making me feel so welcome.

Special thanks must go to ‘Jack’ (‘Big Dawg’) Cotton (Turbo GN guru) Mark, Mark2, Dan, Bob, Johnny, Jeanie, Scott, Karen, Brian (‘Bubba’), Paul, Mike, Barbara, Billy, Patty, Tony (and his wife), Miguel and his son Miguel and of course Scott in LA who guided me through the maze of LA with style in his very own classic Buick.

Click on the small pictures to see the larger high resolution image and try to imagine how it felt to be surrounded by all that glorious Buick power. For me it was an experience of a lifetime. Well done Jim and the crew, B.O.P. Nationals 2002 was a resounding success!

Bill S.Bill at Bristol Dragway