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14 Sep, 2010

Reader’s Rides

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Mike’s 1968 Buick Skylark Custom Coupe

1968 Buick Skylark

I have been gifted a wonderful car by members of the family as I guess the car was not going to get the attention that I am able and willing to provide. This car has been taken care of pretty nicely over the years but still needs some work and that is what I am here for. I do not intend on making it “Show” quality but my goal is to make her a clean, well handling, and as close to original as I can with a few improvements.

Specs: 1968 Buick Skylark Custom, 350 cu., 750 cfm Edlebrock Carb, Dual Exhaust with 3 chamber FlowMasters, 350 Turbo Automatic Transmission. Battery relocated to the trunk.

Improvements on the way: 200R4 Tranny Swap, headers, posi rear end, front disk brakes (maybe with 2″ drop), replace suspension rubber, a little body work and new paint. I’m thinking Maroon with Black Vinyl Top. Thanks – Mike

Alan’s 1971 Buick Riviera

Hi, love your site. I bought this 1971 Riviera in ’94 for $300 and over the next few years it went through some cosmetic changes and 2 motors. The first original 330 horsepower motor was rebuilt. I raced the car quite a bit putting the fear into a lot of Mustang 5.0 and Camaro SS owners. The current motor has been bored .030″ over and features forged 10.25 pistons, ported and polished heads, a Poston GS113 cam, headers and an Offenhauser dual quad manifold with two 600 cfm Carters. The 400 trans received a race rebuild and sits behind a Cohn 2500 stall converter. It has a 3.27 posi rear into which I hope to find some 3.73’s for it. A friend and I put on the stars and stripes paint job in his driveway in two weeks. I haven’t had it to the track since the last rebuild but I am hoping for some 12 second time slips. Again, great site!! – Alan aka “cam2Kid”

Ray’s 1970 Buick Skylark Convertible

Here is a picture of my 1970 Buick Skylark Convertible Custom. I purchased the Buick in 1990 from my cousin who owned her since new, I paid $50.00 for the Buick and the car was a total basket case. If I did not take on the project the car would be in the scrap heep now.

The Buick has a GS front nose, 350 engine with 165.000 miles on the clock. The motor was not touched and runs like a dream.    Suspension: I installed 15″ Buick Rally wheels, with BF goodrich TA radials, rear air shocks with a rear sway bar, and Hotchkis rear lower control arms. Front shocks are KYB gas shocks. Interior: has black buckets with the factory console, power windows, power top, 15″ rally’s.    Body: has GS front grill and hood,new fenders and new rear quarters, and a new black top, painted Buick Apollo White. I would love to see it on BuickStreet.    Thanks, Ray

Jim’s 1968 Buick GS

I love your website, I just found it today. Here’s a pic of my car and a quick “bio”. This was originally owned by my Grandmother’s second husband (good choice, granny). He was the original owner. When he died, the car went to my father. It got majorly creamed in transit to my father, who wouldn’t hear of totalling it. In fact, my grandmother never knew it was in an accident. After major surgery, it was a daily driver for my father’s commute for about a dozen years. After my father’s stroke, he couldn’t drive, so I got the GS. I’m going through it now. Stay tuned for further developments. – Jim

David’s 1986 Buick Grand National

David owns this fine 1986 Grand National.

Lonnie’s 1987 Buick Grand National

Here’s a few pics of my 1987 Buick GN.

Lloyd’s 1977 Buick Regal

I found your site while looking for information about Buick’s and thought I would submit mine. It’s a 1977 Buick Regal 2dr.Landau, PS,PB, Air, AM-FM Stereo, 350 Buick engine, 400 Transmission, with 89,500 original miles. I purchased the car in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in Oct.2001. It’s came up from Mississippi in 1992 and was never winter driven. The person I bought the car from lost his storage space for the car and as it was October ended up letting the car go for $2000 Canadian.

I drove the car back to Sydney, Cape Breton Island which is part of Nova Scotia without any problems and stored it for the winter. In the spring of this year the car went in for a fresh coat of GM gun metal gray paint, a new vinyl roof and a rechromed back bumper. I joined the local car club and have received lots of complements on the car at different events and during or weekly cruise nights. From everyone that I have talked to there aren’t many of these cars still around, not up here in Canada anyway. I like your site very much keep up the good work. – Lloyd

Chris’ 55 Buick coupe

Chris owns this fine 55 Buick coupe.

Curt’s 1966 Buick Skylark

I bought my ’66 Skylark from the 2nd owner. It is stock with “300” ci engine and 2 speed s/p auto trans. It has only 89,900 miles on it with factory bucket seats, console, and floor shifter.    I just gave it a fresh paint job with the factory correct Metallic Light Blue Acrylic Enamel “Pittsburgh Paint” with the catalyst. I did all body work/preparation, and paint application myself.

I have added a 4 bl intake and carb, dual exhaust, and a set of Appliance Wheels and White Letter 60 series BF Goodrich radial tires. (Here are some photos you can choose from to put on your website. Use what you want and discard the rest…….. ;-) Thanks, Bill…………yours is a classy site for sure!!!! – Curt

Bryce’s 1970 Buick GS350

This car was almost in this condition when I bought it a year ago. I am the third owner of this machine. Other than a major tune-up, new exhaust system, and a new stereo that wasn’t the “Sonomatic transistor” that came in it, nothing has been done to it. I wish I had one of those stickers that says “Yes it’s fast and no you can’t drive it!” because that’s the first thing people say (“Is it fast”) and ask (“Can I drive it”) when they see it. – Bryce

Mike’s 1955 Buick Roadmaster

Hi, my name is Mike. I saw your posting that you were looking for buick hot rods. I have a 1955 buick roadmaster. It is nosed, decked and handles shaved and the ultimate buick sin, I filled in the portholes. The 322 is stock, but may be swaped for a 401 driveline in the near future. The car is painted in a suede black with traditional style seaweed flames. 1959 caddy reverse lights. It has been lowered 3 inches. The interior I did in a weekend all in leopard skin material.

Dan’s 1969 Buick GS 350

Dan is the Assistant Director of So Cal Gran Sports

Fred’s 1964 Buick Riviera

This is my 1964 Buick Riviera. It is not at all original, just a cool ride. I have had the car for about 6 years now. My girlfriend at the time (who is now my wife) bought it for me. She said I needed a hobby. We bought the car from a guy who was moving and it had all the chrome, and some of the engine parts (inside and out) in trunk. The power steering was disconnected and none of the windows worked. He just barely got it started and as soon and I heard the glass packs on the dual exhaust I new I wanted it. I drove it home and it drove like a tank with out the power steering connected. Could not get it started again for at least a week.

When I first purchased the car I knew nothing about cars at all. With this car I learn something new every time I work on it. I have since installed a new radiator, new lifters, new water pump and have done a lot of wiring. I had a Edelbrock 600cm carb on it and could never get it to idle correctly. Last year I found a rebuilt Carter and now it runs like a big dog. My next project is to have the front end redone and last but not least replace the interior. I am trying to do most of the work my self with takes a long time when you don’t really know cars. But I am having big fun. I hope to add a 3rd Riviera to my collection. I have my eye on a 66 or 69 GS. Someday.

PS. I don’t work on the 90 Riviera, to much electronics. This car I take to the shop and say”Fix it”. Thanks for the intrest in my ride.

Walter’s 1966 Buick Electra 225 Hardtop

Mine is pretty Sweet! All Factory Specs.

Mark’s 1970 Buick GS (clone) Convertible

Here’s one for your webpage. 1970 GS convertible clone. 455 motor. I live in North Texas. The car is still under construction, Love your web page.

Henry’s 1970 Buick LeSabre 455

This car has been in the family since it was new. My wife learned to drive in it, and now my daughter begs to drive it! I got it from my monther-in-law after she passed away 6 years ago, with less than 43,000 original miles on it. It had been parked outside its whole life however, and looked more like a junk-yard candidate than a classic. This picture was taken 5 years ago, after restoration. The car still looks the same. – Henry

Harley’s 1974 Buick Electra 225

I found my 1974 Electra 225 locally. The original owner kept it until 79 when the gas prices went up. The second owner bought it to use when he retired and kept it in the garage in like new condition [near mint]. He retired but had health problems and was not be able to travel so he sold it to me. He threw in the car cover he used even though it was in a heated garage and spare parts [new] he got in case he ever needed them.

It has 38,084 original miles on it. I have the original window sticker and all manuals that came with it including all reciepts even down to the oil changes. I just bought it this week and it has rained every day since, so I just sit and look at it. I love it and my wife tolerates my dream of finding one like this. LIFE IS GOOD. Harley.

Gary’s 1977 Buick Riviera

I found this car almost like the movie Christine. It was on the side of the road under a tree, all rusted and neglected, so, I bought it for a song and rebuilt it from the ground up. Everyone said “what are you going to do with that?” my answer “drive it!” It has a 350 gold block, 4 barrel carb, dual exhaust, factory interior in velvet red and all the toy’s you could get then, and they work! – Gary.

Renee’s 1970 Buick GS455

I ran across your web site while reading the V8buick board and saw that you didnt have any 70 GS’s on there. Well now, we just can’t have that and I’ve attached a couple, of pictures of my 70 GS 455. – Renee

Bruce’s 1979 Buick Riviera

This is my 1979 buick riviera she has a powerful 3504bbl engine 160 horsepower @270 pounds of torque and the color is a rare saffron firemist metallic paint code#99 and it has gone through a restoration with new paint bumper fillers it was in rough conditionand the major engine repair and it has won awards at our local buick, olds pontiac shows got my first place this year member of the riviera owner’s assocation #5785 and she sisters in canada and france in the same color and year of 1979 I would like to see it on ! – Bruce.

Bill’s 1970 Buick GS455 and 1968 Buick LeSabre Convertible

Hey – great site!
Hope you can use this picture of my 1970 GS455 stocker and my 1968 Le Sabre convertible – Bill

Gary’s 1971 Buick GSX Stage 1 clone

This is my 71 GSX Stage 1 (clone) which I have owned for four years. I traded my 65 4-spd GS for it at the GSCA Nationals in columbus in 1999. It’s a true stage one motor (TS) code, 12 bolt 3:73 rearend with a switch pitch 400 trans. I live in eastlake, Ohio and we cruise every weekend with it,i plan on doing some track time with it in the near future. Gary

Dan’s 1977 Buick Electra Limited

This is my unrestored 77 Electra Limited . It’s equipped with the 403 c.i. V8. I bought this car off of a friend of mine at work for $700 dollars . He bought it at an Estate sale for even less. I have a past with this car , in 1984 I was involved in an accident with the Electra’s original owner while driving a 73 Dodge.

I had not seen or heard any more about this car until my friend bought it in September 2000. After I had bought it I cleaned it out I found the paper that I had written my insurance & registration information on back in 1984. How’s that for a coincidence? Dan

1976 Buick Park Avenue

Here are some pics of my 76 Park Avenue. This is an all original car (never any restoration – everything as from factory, including paint and top) with 42K miles.

Stefan’s 1966 Buick Skylark convertible

This is our 1966 Skylark Convertible which my father-in-law bought new in 1966. He sold it in 1990, but we were able to buy it back in 1999. It has been restored to original glory!

Jerry’s 1962 Buick Electra convertible

Here’s my 1962 Electra 225. 401, automatic and a new top. Nice cruiser.

Mark’s 1966 Buick Wildcat

I purchased my Wildcat in the summer of 1996. I was looking for an older car without much preference as to what kind. I found this car about a mile from my house. It had the 401 Nailhead engine with 72 K miles. A young guy bought it from a relative and tried to drive it into the ground for a year. He decided he wanted a Jetski instead. I saw it and knew it had potential. I don’t recall seeing a Wildcat before this one. probably did many times but I didn’t pay attention.

The interior was mint when I got it. Now the front seat on the drivers side has a rip from me needing to go on a diet. The body has the usual stone chips and a few small dings. But it doesn’t matter to me, I like the fact that it is unique. I haven’t seen another one in Milwaukee.

The engine is stock with a Pertronics ignition and 400 transmission. Working air conditioning. 3.08 rear end. 255-60-15 Goodyear Eagle GT tires on Buick mags. Aluminized dual exhaust w/ Super Turbo mufflers. Original paint w/ excellent chrome. CD player under drivers seat w/ remote control. It has become my favorite car I’ve ever owned. I love the ride and the style. I sometimes forget I’m driving a 36 year old car. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive cross country tomorrow.

I plan on keeping it for a long time and restoring it while I drive it. Mark.

1970 Buick Riviera

This is my 1970 Buick riviera , 2 door hard top, 2nd owner (always garaged / no rust). New dual exhaust, new tires, brakes and paint (still original color though). The engine has 10k on rebuild and gets 25 mpg on 455 rocket engine (if you stay out of the secondaries) all original chrome, interior is immaculate and features the original AM only buick radio.

John’s 1966 Buick Wildcat – Factory dual quad 4 speed

John’s ’66 Wildcat features factory dual quads and a 4 speed – Bill S. (Editor)

Pat’s 1981 Buick Regal V8

Here’s my 81 Buick Regal, it has the 72 gs 350, with a 200-r overdrive and 3:42.1 rearend. Best time in the 1/8 mile was a 9.702 at 70.02 mph. I’m going to put a bracket racing camshaft and better exhaust on and then see what happens! Pat.

Nick’s 1964 Buick Electra

Here’s my Duece. It’s just like your’s Bill…well, almost. 401 Nailhead V8. I’m the second owner.    It’s my first Buick and my second 60’s car (the other is a 69 Suicide Door    T-Bird).

Sven’s 1965 Buick Riviera GS

My story with car stars off when I was a kid my dad had a 1965 riv gs and I loved that car! So in 1975 when I got out of the service I started to look for a 1965 riv gs. But being young and wild I never had very much money and every riv that I found that was worth having and that I could afford was not worth having!

So one day as I was looking on the net and reading the news papers I spy this add for a riv in Dallas. It sounded good so I call this guy.and he sends me some pic’s The car was in a barn and had been there for 20yrs! And the price was right (I had it in my savings account) So off to Dallas we go. we get a look at the car but it was early evening and the light was poor. All that I could really see was that it had been rearended and bird crap!!!!! So the next day we go back and look. To my suprise not only was it a gs but it was a 2×4! That is when we discover that the engine was seized! Well, me and the guy bartered a bit and the price came down and we struck a deal! wa hoooo! On the car trailer it goes and on to the house we got with our new prize!!! After getting it home I discover that the engine was not seized at all the starter was loose and had lodged it self between the bell housing and the flywheel!

So it’s been 5ys now and a lot of elbow grease and junk yard searching to get the car where it is today but it’s been a labor of love and a dream come true!

Steve’s 1937 Buick Series 40

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